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Laurie Paz

We are a family of five with 3 homeschooled children. We decided to purchase a home in Lake Havasu because my grandparents were original purchasers of land sold by Mr. McCullough in the 1960's when he would fly buyers in from the midwest and sell land one lot at a time! It has been a family tradition to spend Thanksgiving in Lake Havasu with my Grandmother, aunt and uncle since I was three years old. My children have looked forward to their Lake Havasu Thansgiving's that started the year our oldest was born 23 years ago! I remember sitting on Santa's lap at the candle store at the London Bridge in the 70's and carried that tradition on with our girls. When I married my husband I found a Lake Havasu soul mate! He and his friends would make runs out to the lake at least 3 times a year! When we got to a point in our businesses that it made more sense to own than rent, we decided our family needed a Lake Havasu home, one that was big enough to invite family and fiends to join us! Lake Havasu is not as fun if you are not enjoying it with family and friends! My husband our three daughters and I pray that this home will be a family gathering place for years to come! Since we only are able to enjoy the property a few times a year, we are hoping to Bless others who may enjoy staying at this unique and beautiful property with their family and friends as much as we do! It took us quite a while to find the perfect Lake Havasu house and we were not disappointed! This property serves all of our needs and then some! It's a perfect refuge from the world, not far to dump our boat and enjoy that magnificent lake. With plenty of space and entertainment for everyone, our only regret is that Grandma (the original Lake Havasu resident) did not live long enough to enjoy our beautiful home! But, we hope you will!
Why Laurie Paz chose Lake Havasu City
We love the central location, open & spacious rooms, larger size and gorgeous decor. Great neighborhood right by our dear friend and around the corner from family!
What makes this House unique
Perfect size pool, views of lake from front and back of property. around the corner from the golf course, up the street from best bars and restaurants in town. Up the street from the world famous London Bridge!
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