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Douglas Gallacher

Speaks : English

I have been dealing with and enjoying timeshares since I bought my first timeshare in the 80s.

But with the new system that I developed I have access to thousands of timeshares all across the nation. And I have done it in a way that I can offer you timeshare weeks at just about HALF THE PRICE.

I frequently have this particular timeshare available quite often and many others like it in this same area.

To see exactly what I have at any given time, you can find my list posted ON MY WEBSITE.

Simply go to helpu.info”   

The list is long and starts with Hawaii and goes east to New England and then goes south to Florida. After Florida it shows resorts available in Canada and Mexico that are not all inclusive but you would have to call or email me for dates. I try and keep this list updated weekly. The date that I uploaded the list is on top you can readily know how fresh the information is.

The reason I can offer you such wholesale pricing is because I help people get out of their timeshares for free, if they give me the week… So in the process I end up with the weeks and I trade them into the trading companies which gives me access to thousands of resorts… But I did not pay the maintenance fees therefore I can pass on the savings to you. Once I have traded the week in the trading company, I then run ads to give the timeshare away for free before the next maintenance fee comes due.

Once you see something that you like, simply call me at 480-226-4587… Or email me at talktodoug@msn.com.  Please let me know you are calling through FIND HOMEAWAY

Even if you don’t see what you want, you are welcome to call me and I will put out a search to check other sources.

Thanks Doug

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